Format: 12″
Year: 2006
Label: Endemik Music

I was living with Scott in Montreal off of rue de St. zotique, everytime we had a new release we would have to carry all the boxes up the eigth flights of stairs and stack them in our living room, i remember doing it the dead of winter, sweating in my stupid coat and clunky boots which were all too big for me. Sometimes they would get dropped off at scott’s office and we would have to borrow kid koala’s dolly (with perpetually low tires) and cart them the ten blocks to our flat, that was atleast a two coffee mission. This record was definitely fueled by coffee, i frequented three different shops in three different neighborhoods, each with thier own flavor, charm, and strength..The vocal booth in my bedroom and was pretty much the best thing ever…she was and still is called “space moon snow caat”, we drilled a hole through the wall in my closet to run the cables to the control board in scott’s room. Alias came through big time once again, and all was up in the air for a brief moment on subtitle’s birthday when he sold out his dinner date to come make a song with us….which pretty much sealed the deal, and grenoble was born. Also, I almost killed myself coming down tonto’s iced over staircase with $1000 of rented camera equipment in my hands the night we took the picture for the cover! I make weird!


Track List:

Side A
1. We Sing Intro
2. Fuel For Hope (extend)
3. Duct Tape Rubber Room
4. Hell Country

Side B
1. Everything Up featuring Subtitle
2. Rocket Mouth
3. I Make Weird

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