Kid Koala took some time out his day to show me around his house/studio and talk about some of his latest projects. He is definitely my mom’s favorite DJ, and one of the most creative and energetic people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I once saw him sing and play keyboard for a greenhouse full of plants before he rocked a crowd of 2000. ALSO his generosity is UN-Matched, stay tuned for the contest…chalk full o’ ridiculous&hilarious!

2 thoughts on “Freeebird #039 – An Afternoon with Kid Koala”

  1. ola – stumbled across your website, and a bit of the ol’ constructive criticism for ya here, I’m not tryin’ to hit ya where it hurts, just help your direction a bit. Think of me as kind of the voice or the public with taste. This last video, feature Koala and his studio, ongoing/upcoming projects etc could be developed into something. Some kinda interesting series, be it with interesting below-the-radar artists or cool home studios (Eric’s got a fantastic collection of neat toys or which we catch a glimpse of a few here). Definitely outright remove the “Records” and “Video” section of the site, or make it a completely separate area for your own music, ’cause frankly man, that stuff is going nowhere. It’s just terrible. Boring. Stale. It just doesn’t have anything going on at all. You get more feeling out of the demo settings on an old casio. Play to yer strengths, if you’ve made lots of interesting connections via your travels etc, start there and network out. Work on your journalistic abilities and develop those insights. People are interesting in interesting folks like Koala and people like him don’t get enough press. There’s also big niche markets for weird esoteric gadgets be they musical, visual or whatever.. play that stuff up man, and get rid of the bad tracks!

    Peace! K.

  2. I appreciate your insight Kaspar, I’m working on developing the Freeebird show into a bigger, better, and more interesting beast. I do not hide the fact that I am an amateur with a flip cam, learning as I go, doing all of this by myself. So criticism is always welcome. As for my music, opinions/ tastes are relative. You obviously do not share the same sentiment with my thousands of fans around the world. Bottom line, my music is the reason I’m here. Asking me to stop is like asking me to slit my wrists…not going to happen. In closing, I invite you to ignore those sections which you don’t care for, they are by far the main focus of the site. Also I encourage you to continue believing that you alone, are the voice of the public taste.

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