San Fran!

the homies at acid marshmellow posted a video of the chicago show at ronnies, chicago is an awesome city and i hope to return soon!

it’s hard to say which is more beautiful, driving through the mighty redwoods of northern california, or the amazing painted desert from arizona to new mexico…each one awe inspiring!

“Bleus rap style was like a Slug meeting an Eminem meeting 3 Bizzy Bones meeting one Rick Flair. “

the west coast and the southwest were good to us! here’s a review of the LA show at knitting factory by Loudvine
fun times fun times…rob roy and the mega homies candy’s 22 killed shit, a superbad freestyle session with me, stereo, and mestizo! and a mega special treat for me was having the legendary VOLUME 10 standing stage side getting wild to my set…Hip Hopera was a super influential album to me! it’s becoming a real nice tradition for me and astro…everytime we play the knitting factory together we meet an old school don…first percee p, now volume 10…next time???

headed back into the midwest, dreading the weather but amped for my triumphant return to OHIO!!!! hope ol’ carty finkbiener doesn’t bring the hammer down on us, BOYFRIENDS INC interview in the Toledo City Paper

word up
take care brush your hair!

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