“ya’ll ain’t dead, ya’ll ain’t swag, athiest jihad is back…”‘ -Waco Boyz

The Waco Boyz is a spontaneous collaboration between sole, bleubird, and K-the-I???. During K-The-I??? and bleubird’s cross country FREEBIRD voyage last summer, they stopped in Denver for a week of weed, booze and meditation. Waco Boyz is not a serious record, its arguably one of the the most belligerant pieces of art ever to emerge from the indy hip hop world. Iron Eagle samples blend seamlessly with images of Riot Cops, Fukushima, white devils, bible blunts, and g’d up imagery. Hip hop has long become a fashion obsessed mockery of itself, and “the new davidians” come strapped to the VMA awards with explosives on their chests.

When news of Waco Boyz began circulating through the blogosphere in the summer of 2011 critics lamented aloud, “this record will be an entire album of Athiest Jihad( a collaboration between sole & bleubird in 2005).” They were wrong, they didn’t complete an album, and Waco Boyz makes Athiest Jihad look like Pat Robinson lost in Fallujah. Crack a 40, pour it on your bible, then set it on fire… The Waco Boyz are in the mothafucking building.


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