Format: CD
Year: 2005
Label: steve todd and the bird

It was my first week in Montreal and i was living on scott’s couch, thanks to my friend Lynne i had a bicycle and a job within a few days, it was hot time summer in the city and i was fucking excited! One day i was working on the collage for the cover at the kitchen table and scott’s friend “mike” who was visiting from ottowa just strolled in butt ass naked…I think he had some silly myspace romance with scott’s other roomate “carol” and was just trying to fluster her, scott snapped a poloroid and hung it on the fridge, he said something like “there now everybody can see your little dicky”, to which mike replied ” i don’t fucking care let the whole world see!” ,so i non chalantly slipped it off the fridge and taped it to the bottom corner and said “done!”…People always ask if it’s me, people also ask if i was really in the military, i always say yes, but i wouldn’t go without my mustang. This entire album was put together in the name of fun…dude…crybaby chopped and screwed! i’m sayin…


Track List:

1. me + kid + hammer / intro
2. Ode to Lost Songs
3. Jump off A Bridge
4. Hiro has never heard me rap [2003]
5. Matt Dylan
6. sqeedle deedle#1
7. Good ol’Worky Song
8. Shake Your Fuckin Asshole! [2003]
9. sqeedle deedle#16 [2016]
10. My Cunt Tree Tis of Thee
11. live Toto
12. bleubird + Divinci Holding Hands Forever
13. i Heart Doug Yuck
14. Rainbow Thunder
15. sqeedle deedle#6
16. haha”elevation”
17. Simple Man (humans bury deep solo bus remix)
18. King of Israel
19. Dark Dirty remix
20. sqeedle deedle – datwurst jam (RIP Nature Kids)
21. Onward Christian Soldiers
22. Robot Squadorchestra
23. Crybaby Crunk “chopped + screwed”

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