Format: CD / 2LP
Year: 2003
Label: Endemik Music

When i met scott from endemik he was like “so who’s putting out your album”, and i was like ,” my album?”, i went home, grabbed some clothes collected some beats, wrote some songs, and flew back to halifax, i think we recorded all the vocals in two days.(except for super mario cart, that was recorded at my friend wigger’s house in Orlando with like 20 people standing around like “Oh shit he’s making a song with sole!”..crybaby crunk was the last one we finished. Everything just fell into place, Endemik was my new home, J.Lapointe was my new favorite engineer, and Thesis + Tonto were my new favorite artists.


Track List:

1. welcome to my fuck
2. cry baby crunk
3. living through others
4. you dont even know dog
5. cartoon love bubbles
6. when happening
7. another super mario(cart)brothers drive-by feat. Sole
8. two beat and a bikini
9. spider get off that dust
10. abrasive love+my broken friends
11. i wish i was bob dylan
12. trooth redux feat. SignOne
13. bobmalisdada
14. prefab housing
15. most clubbinist cat
16. the boogie man screams like a girl
17. emo pervert
18. dark dirty places
19. turbo vette
20. we the bomb

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