Format: Digital / Free Download
Year: 2009
Label: steve todd and the bird

New Street Talk!! a little something to hold you over….so much new music in the works…for now a prinzenallee sneak peak and a wide array of amazing remixes, i hope you enjoy. Oh Sherry!

This EP is free! and by all means do not feel bad about downloading it..BUT if you feel like you would like to donate some money, no matter the amount, then that button is for you. I greatly appreciate your support as it helps me to continue in my irresponsible decisions. love-bird


Track List:
1. Bubbles by Prinzenallee aka bleubird and Jayrope
2. Know the End [Remix] produced by Dilly Dilly
3. Brute Force [Remix] produced by Ramallah Underground
4. Wild Street Fire [Remix] produced Ricky of Food For Animals
5. Ripe Figs Remix (feat. Noah23) [Remix] produced Raoul Sinier

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