Numonics + Bleubird are the FTLiENS


Fort Lauderdale’s prodigal sons, Bleubird and Numonics, combine forces for the FTLiENS EP. The album is a bass heavy dedication to the South Florida lifestyle.

You can now stream on Spotify and/or every other fine digital outlet! Or check FTLiENS.PARTY for more info.

Triune Gods – Stacks on Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

This video was shot during the Triune Gods 2014 Japan tour. We shot in a deep forest and a crazy windy desert, a lot of fun was had scouting and shooting. Thanks to James Kirkpatrick for lending his hands and moral support. Japan, we will be back !

TIME4REAL Live w/Ceschi

Ceschi and I actually shot a video for this when we were on tour in SF, unfortunately the director was a DICKHEAD and it never came out. So our friend Digital Cypher Photography filmed us performing in Ft. Lauderdale and edited this sweet vid for us…finally a visual for this song.



I had the pleasure of performing two solo songs with Cana in Kyoto during the Triune Gods tour. I have never performed with a dancer nor do I pretend to know anything about modern dance, but it felt amazing and powerful…and I’m happy to share it with you here.