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That tour was so yesterday! you guys remember that tour i did where everything was awesome and funny? with astronautalis… except Ogden, Utah…that was just awesome.

So i just got back from California!!! the delightful gentleman at Grimm Image records brought me and thesis out to write and record and finally finish the LES SWASHBUCKLING NAPOLEANS album..ten days… 10 songs and a possee cut produced by the mighty edison, click his name and learn about how awesome he is…. how and when this project is coming out is still in the works…but be for damn sure it’s gonna be BIG+HOT+Fantastic..and we gonna rant +roar+tour.

speaking of “in the works”

a little over a year ago i recorded a new album with the very charming corrado nuccini from Giardini di miro, after appearing on his “matters of love and death” album alongside the shadowanimals, corrado and i decided we liked working together, he produced “a very beautiful dangerous joke” on my rip record and when he came to me with his instrumental album and asked me to see what i could come up with, i had just moved to berlin, it was winter, and i was in a dark place….let’s say he pushed me into a more intimate direction with the writing and general attitude on this record, we performed twice together last year in milan and berlin , this album almost fell through the cracks but it’s finally being released on 2nd Rec in germany, digitally , with a limited run of 200 handmade cd’s.

also, in June the prinzenallee “don’t let nerds take over your life” album will be released in Japan through our good friends at Granma!

so there is tons o’ music coming at you i’ll post the specifics as i get them…

also also also in late september/early october i’ll be playing some shows in france (solo) and germany (as prinzenallee w/jayrope) dates will be coming as i confirm them…

for now it’s florida, margaritas, tacos, waves, sun, bicycle, morrell, scooter, kurlasky, ep with andy?, patti smith+young jeezy, mowing my lawn in jean shorts with a 6 of modelo cans’, scott da ros +shibbit ep?, still moving into my new house…on my desk there’s a small porcelain boy holding a purple flower and salt comes out of his eyes! i’ve got raps to write, shows to book, and projects to organize…there’s a bag of sour patch cherry’s making me drool and i want to go play kickball, i’m wearing a sleeveless cutoff t-shirt with a cobra on it and i haven’t seen terminator yet…

it’s amazing that people i don’t even know call me to tell me they just bought cats! i want everyone in the world to go be nice to cat, even if she’s wild and takes your hand off…just say “thanks lil nicey” and move slowly away…

as for street cred, i rode the x2 with 2mex at magic mountain WHAT!

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San Fran!

the homies at acid marshmellow posted a video of the chicago show at ronnies, chicago is an awesome city and i hope to return soon!

it’s hard to say which is more beautiful, driving through the mighty redwoods of northern california, or the amazing painted desert from arizona to new mexico…each one awe inspiring!

“Bleus rap style was like a Slug meeting an Eminem meeting 3 Bizzy Bones meeting one Rick Flair. “

the west coast and the southwest were good to us! here’s a review of the LA show at knitting factory by Loudvine
fun times fun times…rob roy and the mega homies candy’s 22 killed shit, a superbad freestyle session with me, stereo, and mestizo! and a mega special treat for me was having the legendary VOLUME 10 standing stage side getting wild to my set…Hip Hopera was a super influential album to me! it’s becoming a real nice tradition for me and astro…everytime we play the knitting factory together we meet an old school don…first percee p, now volume 10…next time???

headed back into the midwest, dreading the weather but amped for my triumphant return to OHIO!!!! hope ol’ carty finkbiener doesn’t bring the hammer down on us, BOYFRIENDS INC interview in the Toledo City Paper

word up
take care brush your hair!

shit is going down

first off, a behind the scenes look at the magic making taking place in the boyfriends inc palace! hold on to your herpes..

tour is going just swimmingly, plowing our way down the west coast and it’s only getting warmer…check out what a slightly confused but interested enough sara brickner of seattle weekly had to say about the show
i’m the imo technique of this juno rap shit son!!!

also check out my new project prinzenallee and hit up our myspace to hear the album preview

speaking of myspace
i put up two remixes of “athiest jihad” which you may or may not have heard…
one by my man maki
and the other by a mr sloth…i suggest you check the both of them out as well.

and if you ever happen to be in the capitol hill neighborhood of seattle, be sure to check out an absolutely amazing bookstore called “twice sold tales” , it’s full of CATS + BOOKS!!!!
tell jamie the owner that you’re friends with that musician guy from florida, she’ll remember..i spent like three hours in there talking to squitties and getting real excited about bessie smith, norman mailer, and david morrell…..

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Boyfriends Inc crash Nx35!

The first ever Nx35 music festival in the fine city of Denton, Texas combined with the first ever Boyfriends INC show went off with a bang last thursday..considering the fact that ten minutes before we hit the stage we had only one song to perform! I’de say things went pretty swimingly…

Now we definitely did not bring down the house like monotonix! which i must say was probably one of the most epic,sweaty, intense,insane ect.ect. shows i have ever witnessed/participated in…but good times and big smiles and mustache rubs were had by all…teeth were touched and affliction tee’s were came upon..pinkie tears were shed and kitties were shouted out, Giant thanks to Hailey’s and all who were there, thank you for supporting our RAP LOVE!!!!

new split 7inch!

available now from our fine friends at mism
mism01: bleubird / reindeer split 7″ (limited to 300 pieces)

mism7 SIDE A
in static (strange + gentle things)
lyrics by james reindeer
singing and music by son lux
mism7 SIDE B
wild street fire
lyrics by bleubird
music by deadly stare
kontrabass by miles perkin

cover art by matthias egger

Here i go!

“Hello world”, is so fun to say because it pertains to all of you..
Welcome to my new site built by General Scott D. Ros of the royal Canadian Endemik Army, we’ve got alot of things cookin and this here is the place to get the low down, the skinny, the word on the street, the “happs”.

In a few days the AMERICA “all of them” tour with me and astronautalis will begin, yes me and the rap hubby will me making a mess and running a muck all over these fine states. Boyfriends INC! in full effect, who knows what kind of trixies we have up our sleeve…even we don’t?!

Please come join in the shennanigans, and if we’re not coming to your city, carpool to the next closest one, you don’t want to miss this. We’ll have some special limited edition, “color our rap love” BI coloring books for sale, hand printed, 100 signed and numbered. The ringtone album and exercise video are in the works! Come see us now before we are too extravagantly famous to see straight anymore!

In just a few days i’ll be releasing a brand spanking new remix EP, aptly titled “STREET TALK 5”
it’ll be free with an option to donate if you choose to support my irresponsible career decisions. i won’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, but i can say that it’s going to be HOT FIRE!!!

So check the tour dates, enjoy some videos, leave some comments, and be sure to stay tuned…I’ll be updating pretty regularly.

i love you