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the new prinzenallee cd and limited white with a teel speckle 10″ vinyl will be available on the tour!

in my constant effort to bathe you in FRESH-FREE-RAPS, i recently rapped over my good friend cars and trains’ instrumental track- “the leaves

it’s a song i did about 2 years ago for a project that never came out…
or maybe it did and nobody told me? either way…this version over “the leaves” is great!

and just for kicks he also made an alternate alternate version
the leaves-bleubird-jay z’s death of autotune has autotune on it”

his amazing album “the roots the leaves” can be gotten while the gottens good over here

and the poetically named remix album can be downloaded for free all up in this shit


and then there’s this video i came across 😉


I was Daryl from Lethal Weapon 3

” Bobby Wynn…an expose”

daryl smithers
Film: Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)
Deceased Character: Daryl Smithers (Bobby Wynn)
Archetype: Ambivalent (Minor)
Killed by: Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover)
Killed with: Gun

Written by Mr. Mouseburger 1st Mar 2006
(a little background)
Daryl is one of Nick Murtaugh’s school friends. and member of a mildly sinister gang. I say mildly sinister because they don’t seem to do much wrong apart from make a quick exit when the cops are about. (that and the trafficking of illegal narcotics and firearms)
[cut to] Outside of Fast Eddies, Riggs and Murtaugh notice some suspicious behavior by some kids, and so they tell the hoodlums to freeze. This statement has the opposite effect on them and they run.( actually mr mouseburger, while murtaugh was busy flappin his gums and making a burger, Riggs noticed the suspicious activity in the alley and decided to act on his own) Following a bit of a chase, Riggs and Murtaugh manage to corner the kids, who open fire in desperation – Murtaugh responds by returning shots and he successfully shoots a hoodlum. When he goes to check the body he discovers, to his horror, that it is Nick’s friend, Daryl.

[comment 1 by ‘dudley jenkins’]
The last time I heard when someone has been shot, they either die or lay there in agony. So the death scene to me was one that I would believe because after the agony, he died. So shot being the statement, was an understatement, because the action caused the correct reaction. I applaud the dying scene.
[comment 2 by ‘mr mouseburger’]
That is a good point Dudley – too often we see the action and not the consequences. So it is very easy to see countless people getting shot and think that there is no pain involved, due to being desensitized.
To see this kid lying there in agony after being shot really brings home the fact that guns are not just toys (as these kids seem to think in the film).
[comment 3 by ‘Matt’]
They really sold it in the film. We even have the funeral, which makes it all the more important, as does the fact it really affects Murtaugh.
[comment 4 by ‘Karl_Eichholtz_13’]
if smithers is a friend of nicholas murtaugh why is he a member a gang? wouldn’t this count as betrayal and former friends?
[comment 5 by ‘Kooshmeister’]
No, it’s not “Betrayal” ’cause Daryl is killed by Roger Murtaugh, Nick’s father. Daryl, whether Nick’s friend or not, was breaking the law and shooting at Roger who fired back in self-defense. As for “Former Friends,” Daryl was Nick’s friend, not Roger’s, and besides, as we see later, although Nick blames Daryl and not his father for the death, he never disowns him as a friend.
I kind of got the impression Nick and Daryl had known one another since they were kids, allowing Nick to overlook Daryl’s gang affiliations, and Daryl to not mind that Nick’s father is a cop.
[comment 6 by ‘bird’]
good point kooshmeister!

After my relentless search for the character “daryyl smithers” aka ” bobby wynn”, I finally located him via facebook technology residing on the famed jersey shore, I first saw bobby in 1991, playing a bully on a family matters episode “fight the good fight”, i later recognized him on baywatch hawaii and was touched by his genius, so i set out on a quest to get inside the mind of “darryl” and when i finally found him, through pure cunning, like hunting a wild tiger in the sahara, he agreed to answer a few questions on the phone:

(me)- Mr wynn, your short lived acting career consisted of one family matters episode, two spots on baywaych hawaii ,and reached it’s pinnacle (in my opinion)when you played Daryl Smithers in the feature film lethal weapon three?
(Bobby)-dUde, i neva even seen lethal weapon 3, and i was like 8 when family matters aired… what the hell is dis?

(me)-It must have been intense undertaking such a change in appearance for those two legendary scenes, was it hot under all that make-up?
(Bobby)-What the fuck is this? you told me this was for teen beat jersey shore, are you fuckin wit mE aSShole!!??

(me)-What was it like being shot and killed by danny glover’s character seargant murtah?
(Bobby)- What!? sergeant wHo???

(me)- In your opinion, was he really too old for this shit?
(Bobby)-FUCK YOU!

(me)- Did you ever feel in danger on the set being around such a reckless man as martin riggs?
(Booby)-You come on down to monaghan’s liquors on the shore, me+donny’ll show you what’s what fuck nuts!

(me)-OK BOB, a two parter : What was mel gibson like before he hated jews? And did you ever get to brush his glorious hair?
(Bob)-bRo this is really startin to piss me off, what’s the situation here!? Do we have a fuckin problem!?

(M)- Are you a vegetarian?
(B)-What the shit does that have to do with anything?

(M)- Well, before he shot and killed you, sergeant murtah was handling some raw meat, preparing to make one of his specialty burgers for riggs…I seriously doubt he had time to wash his hands once the commotion started, afterwards.. he held you while you died in his strong , meaty hands…how did that affect you?
(B)-FUCK YOU!!, lose my numba asshole!

(M)- Thank you for your time Mr. Wynn

ok ok ok i’m home…but i’m leaving again!

so the rest of the tour=awesome!
seeing filkoe perform his new acoustic ukulele set was the bulls balls!!!!
and the Riddim Collision festival in Lyon was one of the best ever!
that’ll have to do for now because there’s so much more to get to and i’ve got a flight to catch….

heading out west for some amazing shows and a small tour with Ceschi & Cars+Trains…here’s how it’s gonna go down:
-Grimm Image Halloween show in LA, the first Swashbuckling Napoleans(me+thesis sahib) show in years along with mega super groups:
A-Team – Abtract Rude+ Aceyalone
Smartyr – 2Mex+Liferexall
Chemikillz – Awol one + Mascaria
All the Dead Cholos – Xoxolancinco Band
Candy’s .22 – Existereo+Barfly

I’m flying up to seattle where i’ll spend 5 days writing and recording my new EP with my rap hubby/business partner/colleague Astronautilas!
Yes…he’s producing an album for me.

—and then—
I’ll meet up with the the ceschinator+the carsandtrainsathon to play some shows from seattle back down to LA…house parties, venues, rest stops, wildernesses ect.

—and THEN—
I’m flying to Honalulu to play another amazing show with thesis, 2Mex, Xoxolancinco, Liferexall+Nabahe…thanks again to the homies at Grimm!
yeah effing Hawaii!!!!! always wanted to go, as usual i’ll only be there around 48hours…just enough time to find nick nolte and wake up married with a new scar 😉

The DEBUT release of prinzenallee ” don’t let nerds take over your life” on Granma music in Japan..
click here for fUN
wasn’t that fun?
me+jayrope just played the first 5 prinzenallee shows ever
not to beep our own horn…but we feel like we’re really onto something here
it was loud and intense and noisy and fun! beep beep*****
we’ve been called alec empire meets anticon…but we think that’s just stupid
“there’s a sharp line between rap and noise, and we’re working on that.”

prinzenallee live!

on the road again
see yous in california….

from budapest to here!

The saying “from here to budapest”, really struck me while standing in a venue on a boat on the mighty danube, it’s a common saying in rap music..and i’m really not sure where it came from. My wild, uneducated guess is that b-pest always seemed like such a far off exotic place that one would never get to see…surely not by merely putting together words in the form of a poem over beats! A city founded by the celts and conquered by the roman, ottoman, and mongol empires. It came under austrian and soviet rule and survived many pivotal battles in world history..

it was also my first stop on the 5 date hip hop collision tour with the jarring effects crew, featuring me, Oddateee and Ben Sharpa w/DJ Raiko, and odd mix, which always makes for fun and excitement..5 dudes+1 lady/chef/boss..2 french, 2 south african, and 2 americanese in a stinky van traveling through eastern europe…they played czech and poland without me because i was in italy with my family…but together we smashed budapest,vienna,innsbruck, linz, and ljubljana! with plenty of noise, BASS, rap, and nonsense!!! i blew my voice not during the shows but carrying on in the van and hotels where we left a trail of laughter, confusion, and odor…

No matter how far i travel, this music is always a common thread…and it’s always cool to meet like minded people making interesting music, especially when they know how to have fun!
so please check out my new friends…

ODDATEE of the deadverse/dalek crew from new jersey
Ben Sharpa from South Africa

ben+raiko are also doing a video blog for an SA website called vuzu
some of it is quite funny and you might even catch a glimpse of your boy!

i’m writing you from rennes where tonight once again i will perform on the cd release party of my good friends x-makeena, almost two years ago in this very club we created this new song only two days prior to their last release party…confusing huh? keep up! the new album is called Derriere l’oeil which means “behind the eye” and they have a brand new powerful stage show with an insane custom built lighting rig !!! check me out on masse critique…

with glove….

let’s get uncomfortable!

This is what happened in a little french town called Voisins le Brettonneux, when a band canceled and i was asked to open the 2nd day of festival at 2:30 in the afternoon and all of my gear failed…after the video cuts out i did about ten minutes of attempted spoken word/stand-up for a largely hungover non english speaking crowd, until the stage manager mercifully ended my set. It’s fun to look back and smile now but the ten minutes that took place after this video were most likely the longest and most nerve racking minutes i have ever spent on stage. Later when i was eating lunch the festival organizer approached me and thanked me for not succumbing to the technical difficulties and said that most performers would have just left the stage until things were fixed. Not me! i’m here to bleed and sweat for you, i’m here till the bitter end, i’m here to make a fool out of myself so you don’t have to…….enjoy!

fucking for the forest!

Last year while living in Berlin, i was leaving a rap show with a few friends when one suggested we stop by this squat/punk bar around the corner. For those who aren’t familiar, in Europe when a building is empty, young people tend to inhabit them and turn them into home / community center / bars where all kinds of lively actions can be organized and take place. They support themselves by throwing shows/events and selling cheap drinks while simultaneously supporting the music and community action scenes.
So it’s just after 3 A.M. and we’re knocking on the door of this dark and seedy building which if you didn’t know beforehand, you would never be able to surmise what was happening inside. On a side note, I later came back and played an amazing show in the basement of this house where i was paid in vodka and had to give my strawberry emblazoned belt to the promoter. But tonight was just a normal low key “bar” night where you could hear anything from The Smiths to Wu-tang to Gabber. There’s always a lot of dogs and people dance no matter what. It’s really dark and smoky and we’re sitting on a couch in the corner rolling a spliff and discussing the hilarious fad of gay men who dress like fascists and occasionally scare the shit out of you in a train station on the late night. I’m a little distracted by these 3 people sitting across the room on another couch, 2 girls and one guy. The girls are dreads and are wearing these kind of raggy, fancy old dresses reminiscent of prostitutes in Deadwood, and the guy…well he wasn’t wearing a robe but just kind of looked “cultish.” That’s the only way i could explain it. Like he probably had a van with a bed in it and was wooing these girls with some unbelievable lie that he cultivated out of crappy anime and the zodiac, zeroing in on their daddy issues and hippie freedom…cause they were all over him. They definitely stood out in a room full of black cats, every once in a while the girls would get up and talk to somebody and hand them a card. Tipsy and extremely intrigued, I was burning for one of those fucking cards but didn’t want to be too obvious about it. So I sipped my huge warmish beer and waited for my opening.
I noticed they were getting up to leave so I walked across to the bar for another beer. As she passed by one of the girls nonchalantly handed me a card. I was trying to be cool and read what it said but it was too dark. When I finally found a frikkin candle, to my extreme amusement, it said, “ activist-eco-porn.” I knew it was something special …i just knew it! So of course when i get home, before my shoes are even off, I’m looking at the website thinking yeeeeeeah fuuuuucking right, “all you girls have to do is fuck me and be my sex slaves and like… we’ll save the fucking planet and dolphins!!” What a sham…

Each year, huge areas of rain forest are systematically cut down. Invaluable animal and plant life is being decimated to make way for commercial interests.

FFF is a non-profit erotic ecological project made by concerned humans who wish to protect nature and liberate life. We collect money to protect nature through exploring and liberating the power of sex and nudity. We know a lot of people are interested in sex, including us. With FFF you can donate money for protection of nature and get access to the sexual nature of open-minded people. We want to have fun with sex, show natural people and collect money for protecting nature. We think it is time to pay respect, and give nature some LOVE back!

I still didn’t believe it. I watched some of the videos and laughed at their pseudo-sexy silly accents while saying,”the more times I put this dildo in my pussy, the more rain forest we can save.” Apparently they were Norwegian, which would account for them standing out in a room full of German punks, like a bear in a popsicle factory. My mind was quickly changed after a few moments of research when I was excited to learn that while crazy, yes, these people were definitely for real and true to their cause…and Rockstars! They first came in to the media spotlight by fucking on stage at the Quart festival in Norway.


Which eventually led them to court where this happened and they got into more trouble…


Yes, Tommy+Leona, the modern day hippy naked Sid+Nancy. All Hoffmanesque stunts aside, these guys are trigger finger serious and do some amazing things with the money they generate. They volunteered in Ecuador with the seeds dream project, and bought 60 hectares of land in Costa Rica which they turned into the Wild Climax Refuge.

I saw them a few more times before I left Berlin, at the Fusion festival and at a demonstration on May Day, as always…spreading the good word and sexual freedom. I told a half naked Leona that I love what they do. In response she grabbed my crotch and said that I should send them some pictures of my peen.
It’s nice to know they are out there raising money, spreading awareness and fucking. They are always accepting donations and naked pictures for their website, and they have some pretty awesome shirts for sale. So stop by and show them some love.

killer commandoze 5 (i’m a star!)

so it’s pretty obvious that i am the star of this brilliant piece of film history…at first i was only a man on the phone…but what i became was unquestionably beautiful.

bask in the awesomenessicity. i adore you

Killer Komandoze 5 from Mark Hubbard on Vimeo.

pssst…andy is to killer commandoze what seal was to batman