This is what happened in a little french town called Voisins le Brettonneux, when a band canceled and i was asked to open the 2nd day of festival at 2:30 in the afternoon and all of my gear failed…after the video cuts out i did about ten minutes of attempted spoken word/stand-up for a largely hungover non english speaking crowd, until the stage manager mercifully ended my set. It’s fun to look back and smile now but the ten minutes that took place after this video were most likely the longest and most nerve racking minutes i have ever spent on stage. Later when i was eating lunch the festival organizer approached me and thanked me for not succumbing to the technical difficulties and said that most performers would have just left the stage until things were fixed. Not me! i’m here to bleed and sweat for you, i’m here till the bitter end, i’m here to make a fool out of myself so you don’t have to…….enjoy!

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