The saying “from here to budapest”, really struck me while standing in a venue on a boat on the mighty danube, it’s a common saying in rap music..and i’m really not sure where it came from. My wild, uneducated guess is that b-pest always seemed like such a far off exotic place that one would never get to see…surely not by merely putting together words in the form of a poem over beats! A city founded by the celts and conquered by the roman, ottoman, and mongol empires. It came under austrian and soviet rule and survived many pivotal battles in world history..

it was also my first stop on the 5 date hip hop collision tour with the jarring effects crew, featuring me, Oddateee and Ben Sharpa w/DJ Raiko, and odd mix, which always makes for fun and excitement..5 dudes+1 lady/chef/boss..2 french, 2 south african, and 2 americanese in a stinky van traveling through eastern europe…they played czech and poland without me because i was in italy with my family…but together we smashed budapest,vienna,innsbruck, linz, and ljubljana! with plenty of noise, BASS, rap, and nonsense!!! i blew my voice not during the shows but carrying on in the van and hotels where we left a trail of laughter, confusion, and odor…

No matter how far i travel, this music is always a common thread…and it’s always cool to meet like minded people making interesting music, especially when they know how to have fun!
so please check out my new friends…

ODDATEE of the deadverse/dalek crew from new jersey
Ben Sharpa from South Africa

ben+raiko are also doing a video blog for an SA website called vuzu
some of it is quite funny and you might even catch a glimpse of your boy!

i’m writing you from rennes where tonight once again i will perform on the cd release party of my good friends x-makeena, almost two years ago in this very club we created this new song only two days prior to their last release party…confusing huh? keep up! the new album is called Derriere l’oeil which means “behind the eye” and they have a brand new powerful stage show with an insane custom built lighting rig !!! check me out on masse critique…

with glove….

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