so the rest of the tour=awesome!
seeing filkoe perform his new acoustic ukulele set was the bulls balls!!!!
and the Riddim Collision festival in Lyon was one of the best ever!
that’ll have to do for now because there’s so much more to get to and i’ve got a flight to catch….

heading out west for some amazing shows and a small tour with Ceschi & Cars+Trains…here’s how it’s gonna go down:
-Grimm Image Halloween show in LA, the first Swashbuckling Napoleans(me+thesis sahib) show in years along with mega super groups:
A-Team – Abtract Rude+ Aceyalone
Smartyr – 2Mex+Liferexall
Chemikillz – Awol one + Mascaria
All the Dead Cholos – Xoxolancinco Band
Candy’s .22 – Existereo+Barfly

I’m flying up to seattle where i’ll spend 5 days writing and recording my new EP with my rap hubby/business partner/colleague Astronautilas!
Yes…he’s producing an album for me.

—and then—
I’ll meet up with the the ceschinator+the carsandtrainsathon to play some shows from seattle back down to LA…house parties, venues, rest stops, wildernesses ect.

—and THEN—
I’m flying to Honalulu to play another amazing show with thesis, 2Mex, Xoxolancinco, Liferexall+Nabahe…thanks again to the homies at Grimm!
yeah effing Hawaii!!!!! always wanted to go, as usual i’ll only be there around 48hours…just enough time to find nick nolte and wake up married with a new scar 😉

The DEBUT release of prinzenallee ” don’t let nerds take over your life” on Granma music in Japan..
click here for fUN
wasn’t that fun?
me+jayrope just played the first 5 prinzenallee shows ever
not to beep our own horn…but we feel like we’re really onto something here
it was loud and intense and noisy and fun! beep beep*****
we’ve been called alec empire meets anticon…but we think that’s just stupid
“there’s a sharp line between rap and noise, and we’re working on that.”

prinzenallee live!

on the road again
see yous in california….

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