” Bobby Wynn…an expose”

daryl smithers
Film: Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)
Deceased Character: Daryl Smithers (Bobby Wynn)
Archetype: Ambivalent (Minor)
Killed by: Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover)
Killed with: Gun

Written by Mr. Mouseburger 1st Mar 2006
from moviedeaths.com
(a little background)
Daryl is one of Nick Murtaugh’s school friends. and member of a mildly sinister gang. I say mildly sinister because they don’t seem to do much wrong apart from make a quick exit when the cops are about. (that and the trafficking of illegal narcotics and firearms)
[cut to] Outside of Fast Eddies, Riggs and Murtaugh notice some suspicious behavior by some kids, and so they tell the hoodlums to freeze. This statement has the opposite effect on them and they run.( actually mr mouseburger, while murtaugh was busy flappin his gums and making a burger, Riggs noticed the suspicious activity in the alley and decided to act on his own) Following a bit of a chase, Riggs and Murtaugh manage to corner the kids, who open fire in desperation – Murtaugh responds by returning shots and he successfully shoots a hoodlum. When he goes to check the body he discovers, to his horror, that it is Nick’s friend, Daryl.

[comment 1 by ‘dudley jenkins’]
The last time I heard when someone has been shot, they either die or lay there in agony. So the death scene to me was one that I would believe because after the agony, he died. So shot being the statement, was an understatement, because the action caused the correct reaction. I applaud the dying scene.
[comment 2 by ‘mr mouseburger’]
That is a good point Dudley – too often we see the action and not the consequences. So it is very easy to see countless people getting shot and think that there is no pain involved, due to being desensitized.
To see this kid lying there in agony after being shot really brings home the fact that guns are not just toys (as these kids seem to think in the film).
[comment 3 by ‘Matt’]
They really sold it in the film. We even have the funeral, which makes it all the more important, as does the fact it really affects Murtaugh.
[comment 4 by ‘Karl_Eichholtz_13’]
if smithers is a friend of nicholas murtaugh why is he a member a gang? wouldn’t this count as betrayal and former friends?
[comment 5 by ‘Kooshmeister’]
No, it’s not “Betrayal” ’cause Daryl is killed by Roger Murtaugh, Nick’s father. Daryl, whether Nick’s friend or not, was breaking the law and shooting at Roger who fired back in self-defense. As for “Former Friends,” Daryl was Nick’s friend, not Roger’s, and besides, as we see later, although Nick blames Daryl and not his father for the death, he never disowns him as a friend.
I kind of got the impression Nick and Daryl had known one another since they were kids, allowing Nick to overlook Daryl’s gang affiliations, and Daryl to not mind that Nick’s father is a cop.
[comment 6 by ‘bird’]
good point kooshmeister!

After my relentless search for the character “daryyl smithers” aka ” bobby wynn”, I finally located him via facebook technology residing on the famed jersey shore, I first saw bobby in 1991, playing a bully on a family matters episode “fight the good fight”, i later recognized him on baywatch hawaii and was touched by his genius, so i set out on a quest to get inside the mind of “darryl” and when i finally found him, through pure cunning, like hunting a wild tiger in the sahara, he agreed to answer a few questions on the phone:

(me)- Mr wynn, your short lived acting career consisted of one family matters episode, two spots on baywaych hawaii ,and reached it’s pinnacle (in my opinion)when you played Daryl Smithers in the feature film lethal weapon three?
(Bobby)-dUde, i neva even seen lethal weapon 3, and i was like 8 when family matters aired… what the hell is dis?

(me)-It must have been intense undertaking such a change in appearance for those two legendary scenes, was it hot under all that make-up?
(Bobby)-What the fuck is this? you told me this was for teen beat jersey shore, are you fuckin wit mE aSShole!!??

(me)-What was it like being shot and killed by danny glover’s character seargant murtah?
(Bobby)- What!? sergeant wHo???

(me)- In your opinion, was he really too old for this shit?
(Bobby)-FUCK YOU!

(me)- Did you ever feel in danger on the set being around such a reckless man as martin riggs?
(Booby)-You come on down to monaghan’s liquors on the shore, me+donny’ll show you what’s what fuck nuts!

(me)-OK BOB, a two parter : What was mel gibson like before he hated jews? And did you ever get to brush his glorious hair?
(Bob)-bRo this is really startin to piss me off, what’s the situation here!? Do we have a fuckin problem!?

(M)- Are you a vegetarian?
(B)-What the shit does that have to do with anything?

(M)- Well, before he shot and killed you, sergeant murtah was handling some raw meat, preparing to make one of his specialty burgers for riggs…I seriously doubt he had time to wash his hands once the commotion started, afterwards.. he held you while you died in his strong , meaty hands…how did that affect you?
(B)-FUCK YOU!!, lose my numba asshole!

(M)- Thank you for your time Mr. Wynn

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