tour flyer
the new prinzenallee cd and limited white with a teel speckle 10″ vinyl will be available on the tour!

in my constant effort to bathe you in FRESH-FREE-RAPS, i recently rapped over my good friend cars and trains’ instrumental track- “the leaves

it’s a song i did about 2 years ago for a project that never came out…
or maybe it did and nobody told me? either way…this version over “the leaves” is great!

and just for kicks he also made an alternate alternate version
the leaves-bleubird-jay z’s death of autotune has autotune on it”

his amazing album “the roots the leaves” can be gotten while the gottens good over here

and the poetically named remix album can be downloaded for free all up in this shit


and then there’s this video i came across 😉


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