“Hello world”, is so fun to say because it pertains to all of you..
Welcome to my new site built by General Scott D. Ros of the royal Canadian Endemik Army, we’ve got alot of things cookin and this here is the place to get the low down, the skinny, the word on the street, the “happs”.

In a few days the AMERICA “all of them” tour with me and astronautalis will begin, yes me and the rap hubby will me making a mess and running a muck all over these fine states. Boyfriends INC! in full effect, who knows what kind of trixies we have up our sleeve…even we don’t?!

Please come join in the shennanigans, and if we’re not coming to your city, carpool to the next closest one, you don’t want to miss this. We’ll have some special limited edition, “color our rap love” BI coloring books for sale, hand printed, 100 signed and numbered. The ringtone album and exercise video are in the works! Come see us now before we are too extravagantly famous to see straight anymore!

In just a few days i’ll be releasing a brand spanking new remix EP, aptly titled “STREET TALK 5”
it’ll be free with an option to donate if you choose to support my irresponsible career decisions. i won’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, but i can say that it’s going to be HOT FIRE!!!

So check the tour dates, enjoy some videos, leave some comments, and be sure to stay tuned…I’ll be updating pretty regularly.

i love you

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