first off, a behind the scenes look at the magic making taking place in the boyfriends inc palace! hold on to your herpes..

tour is going just swimmingly, plowing our way down the west coast and it’s only getting warmer…check out what a slightly confused but interested enough sara brickner of seattle weekly had to say about the show
i’m the imo technique of this juno rap shit son!!!

also check out my new project prinzenallee and hit up our myspace to hear the album preview

speaking of myspace
i put up two remixes of “athiest jihad” which you may or may not have heard…
one by my man maki
and the other by a mr sloth…i suggest you check the both of them out as well.

and if you ever happen to be in the capitol hill neighborhood of seattle, be sure to check out an absolutely amazing bookstore called “twice sold tales” , it’s full of CATS + BOOKS!!!!
tell jamie the owner that you’re friends with that musician guy from florida, she’ll remember..i spent like three hours in there talking to squitties and getting real excited about bessie smith, norman mailer, and david morrell…..

word up…twitter me bleubirdy

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