DEATH JAM – 808orDIE [Florida BA$$ Anthem]

DEATH JAM, them $ub-$layin’ Florida BA$$ boys are back after forging a dark alliance with the legendary wicked wizard of quad, JOCK D of Cut It Up Def Records. Putting the doom in your boom and the grim reaper in your speaker, together they conjure the demonic forces of booty to get them freak hoes clapping ass around a heathen fire at the altar of BA$$. Barreling down highway 808 in a black Cadillac hearse clocking 130mph, DEATH JAM is playing a deadly game of chicken wit your ear drums and the options are simple: 808 OR FUCKIN’ DIE!!!!!

Production + scratches by Jock D
Video animated + edited by Neil Ewing
Footage shot by Digital Cypher Photography
Death Jam appears courtesy of yo mamma’s A$$+Tittie$
Cut It Up Def 2013

FREEEBIRD #73-Still Baked On The Coast

Our baked coastal wanderings led us to Piedras Blancas during the short-lived breeding season of the mighty elephant seals. Like Dug said in the last episode…this whole leg of the adventure felt like a Scooby Doo dream. Dug is definitely Scooby, Babel is Shaggy I guess…which makes me Thelma??? and the FREEEBIRD is most certainly the Mystery Machine!


Leaving LA we headed North towards Big Sur. We stuck to the shore to avoid the snow inland which put us on the treacherously foggy Highway 1. Dug put it best when he said the whole thing felt like a Scooby Doo dream. Scott made a fire in the rain. This episode sponsored by that lean. #FREEEBIRD


I’m about a year behind in the editing, but still cracking at it! This footage is from the #FREEEBIRD’s first experience in LA. We arrived in Echo Park in the AM to set up a BBQ/Radio show in conjunction with Hipsters (who) Heart Hip Hop only to find that a small contingent of fruitarian space hippies had invaded our inner rap sanctum. We fought the rain, the fruit, and the miracles…but fun was had, raps were kicked…and there was no need for @AdamGoesHam to punch a fruitarian witch in the face. Amen.

FREEEBIRD#69-Big Baby Tracecar

YUP! We arrived at the Grimm ranch for some K1 cart racing with Verbs&son and the HAIR! Then we had a nice little private session with the dudes who made this entire thing possible. I know it’s a little long but the whole Verble freestyle with Trace on the machines was just too magical to chop down.

FREEEBIRD#68-Awesome Irvine/San Diego

After Carlsbad we headed to UC Irvine to play with what we were told was “Somebody from the Tim and Eric Awesome show”, which turned out to be David Liebe Hart which was awesome! The next day we stopped into Access Hip Hop in San Diego, an independent shop (one of the few remaining) that has been supporting us for years. We chopped it up with Wes+Norm, traded some rare musics, followed Wes’s guidance to a burrito, and we were out. Awesome.

FREEEBIRD#67-Verble Strong Ale

Verble is one of the main reasons I am with Grimm Image and riding in the #FREEEBIRD. This was his first encounter and let’s just say he showed us a good time! When we arrived in San Diego he had us come directly to Pizza Port in Carlsbad for the 14th annual strong ale festival where we proceeded to get plammered while he regaled us with his refined beer palate. Somewhere in the madness a show was played?? I remember being in a limo?? and the rap faucet was left on full blast. Grimm Image…booya!


Isaiah is one of the most interesting people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. When Astronautalis introduced us nearly 7 years ago I was instantly aware that I had ever met anyone like him. Both intelligent and menacing, he maintains an air of respect that makes you mind your posture and watch your manners. His presence is commanding, and his music speaks volumes of truth. He’s the type of friend that would stand up for you in the face of trouble, and punch YOU in the face if you were out of line. When I think Tucson, I think Isaiah. As far as I’m concerned…he’s the mayor.