DEATH JAM, them $ub-$layin’ Florida BA$$ boys are back after forging a dark alliance with the legendary wicked wizard of quad, JOCK D of Cut It Up Def Records. Putting the doom in your boom and the grim reaper in your speaker, together they conjure the demonic forces of booty to get them freak hoes clapping ass around a heathen fire at the altar of BA$$. Barreling down highway 808 in a black Cadillac hearse clocking 130mph, DEATH JAM is playing a deadly game of chicken wit your ear drums and the options are simple: 808 OR FUCKIN’ DIE!!!!!

Production + scratches by Jock D
Video animated + edited by Neil Ewing
Footage shot by Digital Cypher Photography
Death Jam appears courtesy of yo mamma’s A$$+Tittie$
Cut It Up Def 2013

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