So if you pay any attention to my socials you’ve probably seen a buncha mumbo jumbo about “Young Lauderdale” + “Death Jam”…The Boom from the TOMBS AKA 808the#oftheBEAT$! yadayadayada
YE$$$ this is me getting back to my roots…I was raised on this type of music and it has proven to be more fun than anything I have done to date. It’s basically the Poison Boys or the Beastie Clan!
It’s fucking fun, you can dance to it, and SHIT HITS HARRRD! We linked up with legendary Miami Bass label Cut It Up Def records to drop our first official singe/video…produced by the master himself JOCK-D! Best believe the b-side “Look Out” will be dropping soon as well as a limited run of VINYL.
Remember to never take yourself too seriously…and allow yourself to smile. Have some FUN mothereffersz


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