My first trip to Richmond consisted of playing with a rad group called “Hot Chicken” in a bagel restaurant and staying at a seedy motel on the outskirts of town where i dined at a Sonic next to Kmart…which was pretty cool. This visit was way better. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface in this city and i need to return soon.

2 thoughts on “Freeebird #011 – Rrrichmond”

  1. That river looks quite fun and refreshing. The labradoodle is refreshing too.

  2. Blue loves his video debut! Julie Karr sayin “5 in the mornn” makes my skin tingle – her voice is amazing. What a wonderful edit – Mike & thought the video well represents the ambiance of RVA!

    p.s. Does your eyesight end at 20’ft!? Ha.

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