When my good friend Sonya aka Sontaigo found out I was going to be spending some quality time in her city (Portland ME) she went all out to make sure we would have a good time. She put together an itinerary so thick that Clark G. himself would have been proud! The first activity involved Astronautilas+I coming along to the telling room with her to participate in one of the many workshops she engages in around the community. This one involved a young authors camp and an introduction to the art of freestyle.

freeebird#018-RapCamp@the Telling Room from bird

2 thoughts on “Freeebird #018 – Rap Camp @ the Telling Room”

  1. hi! my kids were in camp during this time with you. sumner, and jack with the headband! this is AWESOME! i love your style and your friends and the gift you gave of being free with them, and giving them each great chances.


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