The Zombie Bikes complex in Jacksonville contacted my husband & I and asked if we could possibly sprinkle some zesty hip hop homo love + Bon Jovi memorial cum upon their festive summer’s eve. The kids showed up in full with big smiles and 4Loco coursing through their veins. This night we broke the record for most bodies stuffed inside the freeebird as Andy and I dazzled the sparkles off their pants. Once again, big thanks to Zombie Bikes, Jacksonville,Jack Bothwell and Jack Twachtman, and all of you who celebrated with us.

One thought on “Freeebird #033 – Boyfriends Inc. kill Zombies!”

  1. yes to more of jacques rapping!
    if you get a chance in your travels, swing on through madison- we’ll treat you right this time, and maybe you won’t be crazy sickly.

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