I was so ready to get turned away at the border that i was scoping out interesting campsites in upstate NY during the entire drive up. The immigration officer literally said, ” Where do you think you’re going with this thing?”. I simply told him, Montreal is one of my favorite cities in North America, and I’m going to get some footage for my blog. He gave me a bewildered look and waved me through. I was so unprepared that i was calling people from on the bridge like, “Hey…um so I’m about five minutes away from the city…what’s going on this weekend!” My favorite part had to be pulling up in front of Tonto’s house completely unannounced, he just happened to be walking out the door…the look on his face at the site of me coupled with his giant bird painting wrapped on the side of the freeebird was priceless. The fun ensued.

2 thoughts on “Freeebird #037 – Montreal Je T’aime”

  1. Rap Camp seemed to be the most free and open group of young artists. You guys played some mind boggling games to open up the kids minds, and stretch their vast imaginations. I Still consider myself a figmint of my own imagination. I also like to pretend I’m invisible, and no one really knows me. I think of bleubird as a bottle of pickled beets in the pantry… on the top shelf.

  2. Great video. Finally got a picture in my head of how awesome Montreal is and why you love it. JPE was priceless at the end. World Wide

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