Kid Koala the generous! So much love! So much fun!
Kid Koala has Prizes for YOU. We want you to WIN.
Send us your version of a 20 second “couch potato workout” dance routine to to WIN PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES!!!!!
Feel free to bring the heat because this is an amazing prize package…the more haikus the better! All entries due by Monday February 7th…GET BUSY!!!

bleubird+kid koala

2 thoughts on “Freeebird #040 – Kid Koala has PRIZES for you!”

  1. What up Bleu! It’s Vibe, the cat who produced “Jump Off A Bridge” for you. Hope all well, homie. I just found this page while researching some of Kid Koala’s info for a college project I am working on for my Music & Music Therapy class. I am about to blow everyone’s mind with a compare and contrast essay and presentation on Basin Street Blues, with a Grand Finale of the Kid Koala version, which most of the class and the professors have never heard of. Anyway, he linked to your video blog and I was glad to see you are still the crazy-ass Bleubird we all know and love so much. I would love to work with you in the future again if you are still in the market for outside production. Holler at me sometime. My email should be attached to this post. Stay upp brother, and keep doing what you do so well!


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