What a place! I don’t know why I’m so drawn to Union Square. In my aimless wanderings around the city I always inadvertently gravitated towards the park…perhaps it was my first experience there…which includes a strange girl feeding me mushroom chocolates and Hemol spending his 21st birthday in Jail..but that’s ANOTHER story. In making this vid I didn’t feel quite right about including The Crowd with this random violence…but in the a documentarian spirit I wanted to remain true to the events. I also think it illustrates the polarity and awesome randomness of New York city. enjoy xoxoxoxoxo

2 thoughts on “Freeebird #042 – 1HR at Union Square Park”

  1. last time I was in nyc I seen that shirtless dude right off the ferry on Staten. dude is straight intense. the pacing, the glaring, the flexing of pectorals, waiting for a fight he was…funny to see him again getting straight done up. held his own though, respect. just think he’s got a bone to pick…

    love what youre doing with this freebird shit son.

    flocks in droves.

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