On my way back from Montreal I learned that Ceschi was going to be playing in Newmarket which was only slightly out of my way. The only logical decision was to go surprise him. I believe his first words when he pulled up to the Stone Church ad saw the freeebird parked in the dirt lot were “NO WAY”. Then after a hug he told me, “you know you’re playing too right”. Ceschi is my hero, he’s the Robin Hood of rap. When we tour together I hate taking the stage after him, what Ceschi is doing for not only rap music, but music in general is astounding. I am proud to know him, and call him my friend. I’m also super proud to be able to say that his label Fake Four Inc will be releasing my new album at the end of the year. Down here…this is our time.

2 thoughts on “FREEEBIRD#044-Runnin Up on Ceschi Ramos”

  1. YESSS! I love impromptu guest appearances not regularly scheduled on the regular show.
    I’ll be catching you guys later this month. (Sole / Ceschi / Bleubird – Fake Four Inc. Spring Tour 2012.)
    Should be a blasty blast!!!

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