Spent the day walking around the city with NOBS aka Twitter.com/ThePilotSon, hunting for records(him) and books(me). Ate a bacon wrapped hot dog with avocado+Sour cream, don’t be scurred! check out Crif Dogs http://www.crifdogs.com/menu you can build you own dog and drool at the pics. We were trying to chase down the elusive Edan for an interview but he had to save 7 babies from a burning building instead…all in all a day well spent.

One thought on “FREEEBIRD#46-NYNY”

  1. Through that secret phone booth is PDT (Please Don’t Tell), one of the dopest speakeasies in NY. Besides awesome cocktails, they also let you order all the food from Crif Dogs when you’re in there, plus they have exclusive PDT only dogs created by some dope chefs like David Chang and Wylie Dufresne.

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