but NOT TO WORRY..for I could never be NOT BUSY!
so much in the works.

I’m waiting on the test pressings of the CANNONBALL!!! vinyl
it’s going to be crazy colored, screen printed covers, signed and numbered
limited to 100, and 100% self released!
I’ll be having a vinyl release party @ RadioactiveRecords in Ft. Lauderdale
the remainders will be available exclusively through ME online…so STAY TUNED!!

Unfortunately the LAZERBEAK remix did not make the vinyl but I’ll be releasing it as a FREE DOWNLOAD
a few weeks before the vinyl is ready. I won’t tell you which song yet because it’s just more exciting that way..but I will tell you that $HIT BANGS!!!

I recorded a bunch of features that will hopefully be rolling out over the next few months including a song with the amazing Karaoke Tundra of Slovakia
The big homie Green Carpeted Stairs and the Macro-Fi homies out of Vega$. I’m also rapping on 2 tracks on the NEW Exi$tereo+Verble album as well as a feature on the new 2MEX…keep yo ears perked!

ALSO working on a bleubird AKA Yung Lauderdale MIXTAPE with my #BLS fam Paxitron…we’ll prolly drop it around the same time as that “BASED KENNY G” mixxxtape

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY I’ve received word from the vinyl king of Austria that my DOWN LIKE BROTHERS vinyl postcards will be ready soon!!! No word yet on how many but I’m sure you’ll be hearing about it 🙂

Currently working on a book of all my cat pics tentatively titled “FCK MNY GET P$$Y”
I’ve had the rough layout done for months but it’s just a matter of fine tuning the absolute cuteness to a point where I land my own Network television show and get flown to Cat Island in Japan to be eaten ALIVE and fulfill my life mission.

also…DEATH JAM…*hint *hint

that’s all for now

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