Thesis and I (aka[ Les Swashbuckling Napoleons] along with Edison who sadly was not there) rocking out at Sappyfest in a jam packed #FREEEBIRD. The first two and a half minutes we’re jamming on James’ modded gameboy and assorted circuit bent pedals and craziness. Then we jump into “Paper Boat” off of our album “FUCK!”, then I do part of my new song “hand holdin” off my new record “CANNONBALL!!!” over my buddy Uncle Buzzie’s beat. Thank you so much to the fine folks at #SAPPYFEST for giving us free reign of the town where we were lovingly referred to as “The Rap Van”.

check out-

also to find Les Swashbuckling Napoleons-FUCK!

filmed by Dave Hayden (THANKS DAVE!)

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