This right chere is super fun!! and the first of many! Catch me rocking PimpHand over that I’m Heem instro + Doing a Kimya Dawson cover over some Frank Ocean. PLUS I’m now “regulating” as “YUNG LAUDERDALE”..i grew up on that JPE, Lock Cool Jock + Slic Vic are some of my biggest heroes and earliest influences. My brother and I used to cop hand written mixtapes from them at Oakland Park Flea market. We made 50 limited edition actual tapes if you can catch us around town or at Radioactive.

Black Locust Society presents The Florida World Tour mixtape.
This tape is dedicated to Jam Pony Express.

Jam Pony Express DJs began in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. in 1981. It’s original members are DJ Slic Vic, Diamond Dick, Hot Rod and Mr. M.B. Later members included Lock Cool Jock, Sporty “J” and Big Ace. Jam Pony’s claim to fame was “regulating” on the microphone by cutting the music down and talking over the lyrics to create a new song. J.P.E. dropped an LP in 1994 on Express Records, which is affiliated with 2-4-1 Entertainment in Tampa.

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