Here it FINALLY is! My first stab at capturing the sheer amount of P$$Y I have had the fortune of being exposed to in my years of endless traveling. All $nugged up in one tidy lil book. In this riveting 33 pages you’ll see some familiar names+faces as well as some adorably jerky new ones. Don’t sleep…they will.

Each book will come with a custom polaroid of Gucci Gucci Pizza which I will hand number and sign.

They are $20 red blooded american bucks plus S&H


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One thought on “CAT BOOK$ ARE IN!!!”

  1. yo Are you in Canada? ya gave me a lift when I was passing thru and now I have a book about hitch-hiking…yer not in it, because I wasn’t taking notes back then, but came across your website address, wiped it off, and typed it in and here Eye am…zap me. PeaceMark

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