SO! Early last year I was picked up by an amazing booking agency in France called Jarring Effects. Some of the names you might recognize among their roster include Dalek, K-the-I???, Subtitle, Oddateee ect… They also happen to be a very cool record label which has been around for nearly 20 years. A huge force in the electronic/abstract music scene with their own record store, distribution, and festival. I had been trying to put an album out with them but they never seemed very interested…until I played Riddim Collision in Lyon last year. The festival was set in what seemed like an abandoned meat packing district, with our backstage area’s set up inside old giant walk-ins. Not only was it the best line-up I had seen at a festival but the sound system was IMPECCABLE! I absolutely destroyed my set…and made Val(the “chef”/my booker)proud. Apparently, after the show the Jarring crew all came by and high-fived Val one at a time. Shortly afterward I was approached by R;Zatz about making an EP with some Jarring producers. I was sent beats and over the course of a few months 4 tense and gritty songs emerged, from R;Zatz + Uzul (Kaly Live Dub Crew) + Led Piperz (High Tone Crew) +Grosso Gadgetto. Finally, on February 14th, Jarring Effects and I proudly present to you the “JFX meets bleubird” EP.
It will be available digitally on the JARRING EFFECTS WEBSITE
jfx pic

With a tour immediately to follow, STAY TUNED FOR THE DATES!!!!!!

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