guns guns guns

Two Florida rap veterans, Protoman (DMG, Rawkus 50, FW4S) and Bleubird (Endemik, Grimm Image Records) finally trade verses on a track entitled “Guns Don’t Kill People (Florida Does)”. This funk inspired breakbeat produced by Dantanna also features a fury of cuts by DJ Rob Riggs (Scratch Academy). The Florida themed record is an ode to the randomness and dysfunctional hidden culture of “The Gunshine State”. Thanks to Jennifer Watson for this track.

One thought on “Protoman&bleubird [FREE SONG]”

  1. Some folks just can’t handle the FL!!! I just got home from being stranded over night on a broken down pontoon boat on lake Okeechobee!!! GATORS all over!!!! I don’t know which side that puts me on but i fucking love this state!!!!! great song fellas….

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