For those of you who might have missed this AWESOME new project I put out on GRANMA Music in Japan…
Let’s RECAP!
Scott Da Ros

Triune Gods are Sibitt from Origami (TempleATS / Japan), Bleubird (Endemik / USA), Scott Da Ros (Endemik / Canada).

Already fans of one another’s music, the three came together for the first time in Japan during the Bleubird/Zucchini Drive tour in 2008. Immediately, they began to think about collaborating together, but it was only in 2010, when they finally met again for a week in Montreal to become Triune Gods and record their debut album Seven Days Six Nights. Vocals come from lyricists Sibitt and Bleubird , who explore and explode the topical and introspective in their native tongues (Japanese and English respectively), while Da Ros conducts the musical short films that surround each unique story.

The curtain opens on “Aurora Aura:” Bleubird and Sibitt rap, riding the drifts of Da Ros’s beats, enveloping us in a quiet and mysterious world where the snow is deep. From there we are taken on a trip through the spooky “Sacred Forest” and the dark quasi-Americana of “The Voyage.” In ”Core,” Sibitt takes a fast paced and aggressive lead, while Bleubird complements it with his equally seething but laid-back counterpart. “Wonder ‘s Answer,” conflates the languages into a mysterious groove. “Plus Minus” has Sibitt offering a beautiful and weird melody, which primes us for Bluebird’s hypnotic spell-rant while Da Ros’s beats deteriorate gradually around us. The finale, “Same Train,” with its charismatic and infectious swirl, is enough to make you want to start the record again to decipher the things you may have missed the first time around. Could the calendar week, be a more apt metaphor? Seven Days Six Nights is a cycle that leads us right back to the top.



Our friend Shortfacedbear created three rad preview videos for the release

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