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kickstarter is Awesome! Come up with an idea, put it out there and see if people can get behind it enough to make it happen. I think my friend Raul’s idea is awesome…so I’m trying to help him. I’m donating a song for every $5 pledge, the #bleubirdpackage. I want one of these in every room of my house!!!(RV/chair wiener’s apt) On some Judge Dredd shit!!!

Protoman & Bleubird Take Aim at A&Rs With “Unsignable”

There are very few FTLien rappers who move and shake as much as Bleubird and Protoman, so when the two combined forces last year for the uptempo 954 anthem “Guns Don’t Kill People (Florida Does),” it wasn’t hard to imagine that it’d end up in the hands of some music-industry higher-ups. What nobody could have foreseen was the bizarre coincidence from which sprang this very soap operatic rap controversy.

After finding its way to the desk of a major-label A&R (whose identity will remain undisclosed at this time), an almost instantaneous response was received in the form of an email titled “REJECTED,” the contents of which were very concise. “Fuck this song. Fuck these guys. This dude fucked my girlfriend. These assholes are UNSIGNABLE.”

Following some quick sleuthing, Bleubird was able to substantiate the seemingly wild claim that, yes, he had in fact had relations with this A&R’s girlfriend. And although it was prior to her current relationship, she was still a huge fan and often spoke fondly of him — apparently in too great of detail. Not being ones to pass on an opportunity to address what basically amounts to a threat of industry blackballing, Bleubird and Protoman immediately returned to the studio to record a follow-up collab titled “UNSIGNABLE.”

While Bird gets down and dirty airing out the lusty details of this 90210-ish beef in hilariously exaggerated fashion, Proto takes feverish retribution upon the score of sleazy industry types he’s encountered throughout his rap life. Those who gave him shit for being too “hip-hop” and as such not being “marketable” enough. Still proud of the uncompromising stance he took toward major labels early in his career but perhaps feeling the sting of economic hardship in the present-day music biz, Proto jokes of bridges burnt and opportunities passed on with lines like, “Real hip-hop and I don’t care if I’m broke/I kept it real, motherfucker — goddamn it, I’m broke.”

Download “UNSIGNABLE” and acquaint yourself with this awesome drama in full detail, but beware: It won’t do a thing for your career.

[written by:Jasper Delaini for County Grind/New Times]
[photo by Digital Cypher Photography]

Protoman & Bleubird – Unsignable by Protoman

TRIUNE GODS “Same Train” Official Video

Our first official video is here! Released to the world on August 2nd, 2011!

The video was created by our friend and talented documentary and video maker Naoto Amazutsumi, who lives in and shot the video in Tokyo Japan. Many people have mentioned to us that our music is very visual and sounds like film music so for us to see one of our songs as a video is amazing!

We really need to thank Naoto Amazutsumi and his team for stunning shots, beautiful imagery and the extraordinary mini sets that were built. The video will explain better then we can.

Hope that you all will enjoy!
– the TG’s

Watch on vimeo: http://vimeo.com/26874574

The first issue in our comic series written by the great Jean-Michel Berthiaume has dropped, this one illustrated by James Kirkpatrick aka Thesis Sahib, more to come!


For those of you who might have missed this AWESOME new project I put out on GRANMA Music in Japan…
Let’s RECAP!
Scott Da Ros

Triune Gods are Sibitt from Origami (TempleATS / Japan), Bleubird (Endemik / USA), Scott Da Ros (Endemik / Canada).

Already fans of one another’s music, the three came together for the first time in Japan during the Bleubird/Zucchini Drive tour in 2008. Immediately, they began to think about collaborating together, but it was only in 2010, when they finally met again for a week in Montreal to become Triune Gods and record their debut album Seven Days Six Nights. Vocals come from lyricists Sibitt and Bleubird , who explore and explode the topical and introspective in their native tongues (Japanese and English respectively), while Da Ros conducts the musical short films that surround each unique story.

The curtain opens on “Aurora Aura:” Bleubird and Sibitt rap, riding the drifts of Da Ros’s beats, enveloping us in a quiet and mysterious world where the snow is deep. From there we are taken on a trip through the spooky “Sacred Forest” and the dark quasi-Americana of “The Voyage.” In ”Core,” Sibitt takes a fast paced and aggressive lead, while Bleubird complements it with his equally seething but laid-back counterpart. “Wonder ‘s Answer,” conflates the languages into a mysterious groove. “Plus Minus” has Sibitt offering a beautiful and weird melody, which primes us for Bluebird’s hypnotic spell-rant while Da Ros’s beats deteriorate gradually around us. The finale, “Same Train,” with its charismatic and infectious swirl, is enough to make you want to start the record again to decipher the things you may have missed the first time around. Could the calendar week, be a more apt metaphor? Seven Days Six Nights is a cycle that leads us right back to the top.



Our friend Shortfacedbear created three rad preview videos for the release