but NOT TO WORRY..for I could never be NOT BUSY!
so much in the works.

I’m waiting on the test pressings of the CANNONBALL!!! vinyl
it’s going to be crazy colored, screen printed covers, signed and numbered
limited to 100, and 100% self released!
I’ll be having a vinyl release party @ RadioactiveRecords in Ft. Lauderdale
the remainders will be available exclusively through ME online…so STAY TUNED!!

Unfortunately the LAZERBEAK remix did not make the vinyl but I’ll be releasing it as a FREE DOWNLOAD
a few weeks before the vinyl is ready. I won’t tell you which song yet because it’s just more exciting that way..but I will tell you that $HIT BANGS!!!

I recorded a bunch of features that will hopefully be rolling out over the next few months including a song with the amazing Karaoke Tundra of Slovakia
The big homie Green Carpeted Stairs and the Macro-Fi homies out of Vega$. I’m also rapping on 2 tracks on the NEW Exi$tereo+Verble album as well as a feature on the new 2MEX…keep yo ears perked!

ALSO working on a bleubird AKA Yung Lauderdale MIXTAPE with my #BLS fam Paxitron…we’ll prolly drop it around the same time as that “BASED KENNY G” mixxxtape

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY I’ve received word from the vinyl king of Austria that my DOWN LIKE BROTHERS vinyl postcards will be ready soon!!! No word yet on how many but I’m sure you’ll be hearing about it 🙂

Currently working on a book of all my cat pics tentatively titled “FCK MNY GET P$$Y”
I’ve had the rough layout done for months but it’s just a matter of fine tuning the absolute cuteness to a point where I land my own Network television show and get flown to Cat Island in Japan to be eaten ALIVE and fulfill my life mission.

also…DEATH JAM…*hint *hint

that’s all for now


Everything must end. The FREEEBIRD will ride no more, another one bites the du$t, Han loses the Falcon… If you asked me five years ago I would have never guessed that I would be driving a dream mobile around the country. Rocking parties under bridges and doing mobile tattoo drive by’s…flying the black flag of awesome in every town I rolled into. What started out as a joke became unreal reality and a one year plan was squeezed and stretched into two. I had a good run, I drank a few cocktails, I acquired a few scars and pictures…I can’t dwell on all the things I should have done different or better. I did my best, and that’s all I can do. It was one of the greatest experiences in my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Some days the hours of editing and archiving made me want to kill myself and then I would remember that this was better than any other job I had ever had. Even when I was peeing in cup in a nowhere Walmart parking lot with skeevy truckers eying my sexily…I couldn’t help but think “How fucking crazy ridiculous awesome is this!?!?” I eventually reached a point where I had to stop editing videos because I feel like I wasn’t doing justice to the experience. I apologize to those waiting on footage/episodes…The new dream would be to turn all of this footage into one amazing documentary! I’m going to figure out how to make that happen. I would like to thank everybody that joined me along the way, thank you for fueling the spirit of adventure, thanks for helping me make shit happen, and thank you for RIDING!!! Most of all thank you to my brothers at Grimm Image Records for making the entire thing happen…and allowing me to be a crazy ridiculous idiot. From white knuckling the crazy fog of Big Sur to the bloodsucking tolls of Jersey…the #FREEEBIRD rode hard!!! and to that tornado that chased me to Minneapolis…maybe next time motherfucker.
on to the next adventure



This right chere is super fun!! and the first of many! Catch me rocking PimpHand over that I’m Heem instro + Doing a Kimya Dawson cover over some Frank Ocean. PLUS I’m now “regulating” as “YUNG LAUDERDALE”..i grew up on that JPE, Lock Cool Jock + Slic Vic are some of my biggest heroes and earliest influences. My brother and I used to cop hand written mixtapes from them at Oakland Park Flea market. We made 50 limited edition actual tapes if you can catch us around town or at Radioactive.

Black Locust Society presents The Florida World Tour mixtape.
This tape is dedicated to Jam Pony Express.

Jam Pony Express DJs began in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. in 1981. It’s original members are DJ Slic Vic, Diamond Dick, Hot Rod and Mr. M.B. Later members included Lock Cool Jock, Sporty “J” and Big Ace. Jam Pony’s claim to fame was “regulating” on the microphone by cutting the music down and talking over the lyrics to create a new song. J.P.E. dropped an LP in 1994 on Express Records, which is affiliated with 2-4-1 Entertainment in Tampa.


My good homie+fellow #BLS member JINX REMOVER (who did the cover art for CANNONBALL!!!) is the one who has been lacing me up with these ill t-shirts you may have seen me wearing on stage lately.

You can usually find him printing live at our events.

The baddest-ass screen printer I know///we’re also working together on hand printing the covers for my upcoming limited edition CANNONBALL!!! LP

A few people have been asking me where to find his work/t-shirts..WELLLLL he just happens to have his store online where you could find such things if you were so inclined.



#PimpHand VIDEO

It has come to my attention that some of you have yet to see this!!!??? This amazing video was shot entirely on 8mm film!! Funded by a successful KICKSTARTER campaign. And premiered on Potholes In My Blog .

Fear not good friends!! It is here to be enjoyed forever!!! or at least for long as the internet lasts.


Lex One & DJ Rob Riggs – Dude Where’s My Car – MIXTAPE

Summer is for mixtapes!!! Lex got at me a while back with this “The Book was way better” track…said he couldn’t think of anyone more perfect for it…catch me dissin Kindles and reppin David Morrell and the fall of Borders+Blockbuster. SOUTH FLORIDA STAND UP!!!

Collaboration project with platinum selling MC ‘Lex One’ of international hit group ‘Wizard Sleeve’. We put this together in celebration of the fact that Lex One will probably never be in ownership of a motor vehicle for some time to come. All scratching and mixing courtesy of myself.


1. Welcome / Intro
2. Remember When
3. Terminator Lex
4. Lex U Up / Meditation Break ft Butta Verses & Jeff Rife
5. Hot Music
6. Treat’em Right
7.Tic Tok
8. So Perfect
9. Mariana Trench ft George Young, iLL PHiL & Brian Breach (prod. Taiki & Nulight)
10. No Place For Us – T.E.I.P.O.T.D (prod by Mendez & Sluggo)
11. I’m Sorry
12. Clap Ya Hands ft George Young & Killah Trakz(prod. by George Young)
13. El Fuego Interlude
14. The Book Was Way Better ft. Bleu Bird (prod. by Lex One & Rob Riggs)
15. Zombie ft. Mike Beatz & Killah Trakz (prod by Mike Beatz)
16. $500 Down Payment
17. Vibin/Outro


“ya’ll ain’t dead, ya’ll ain’t swag, athiest jihad is back…”‘ -Waco Boyz

The Waco Boyz is a spontaneous collaboration between sole, bleubird, and K-the-I???. During K-The-I??? and bleubird’s cross country FREEBIRD voyage last summer, they stopped in Denver for a week of weed, booze and meditation. Waco Boyz is not a serious record, its arguably one of the the most belligerant pieces of art ever to emerge from the indy hip hop world. Iron Eagle samples blend seamlessly with images of Riot Cops, Fukushima, white devils, bible blunts, and g’d up imagery. Hip hop has long become a fashion obsessed mockery of itself, and “the new davidians” come strapped to the VMA awards with explosives on their chests.

When news of Waco Boyz began circulating through the blogosphere in the summer of 2011 critics lamented aloud, “this record will be an entire album of Athiest Jihad( a collaboration between sole & bleubird in 2005).” They were wrong, they didn’t complete an album, and Waco Boyz makes Athiest Jihad look like Pat Robinson lost in Fallujah. Crack a 40, pour it on your bible, then set it on fire… The Waco Boyz are in the mothafucking building.